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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Growing Spirulina Algae

Growing Spirulina can be really easy.
Start with the purchase of a live culture, then place it in sterilized creek, well, etc. water (freshwater) that had been altered by adding Sea salts, and PH brought up to a minimum of 8.4-8.8.
It is then placed it out doors. Night time temperature should not fall below

You have to adapt the culture first to salty sea water first if it was not used to it normally in the beginning medium. Adaptation needs some patience as well. You have to mix your culture with sea water slowly and every day with small amounts so that it can adapt easier. Sudden medium changes can result in osmotic shocks and the entire culture is dead. Divide the culture in different cups and make your trials separated and work on the method that works.

Spirulina cannot grow ONLY in seawater. It would also need soda ash, micro-nutrients, & bicarbonate to grow as well. The optimum ph is around 10 and the optimum temp is around 28-29 C (82-84 F). It is important that the equipment and the cups are free of other algae. The water should also be free of algae. You may boil the water before using as a practical way.

For more about Spirulina Algaeā€™s health benefits for use in feeding both freshwater AND saltwater fish & invertebrates please see this excellent article:
Spirulina Algae; The aquatic health benefits for Tropical, Marine and Goldfish

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